Threat to Gun Owners in District 31 Race 12-1-09

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Threat to Gun Owners in District 31 Race 12-1-09

Postby Pat McGarrity » Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:21 pm

In the election for State Senate coming up 12-1-09, (early voting continues through tomorrow, Wednesday, November 25th, at several satellite locations:

Agricenter, 7777 Walnut Grove Rd. in Cordova
Annointed Temple of Praise – Youth Room, 3939 Riverdale Rd. in Southeast Memphis
Bethel Church, 5586 Stage Rd. in Bartlett
New Bethel Church, 7786 Poplar Pike in Germantown
White Station Church of Christ, 1106 Colonial Rd. in East Memphis
Shelby Co. Election Commission, 157 Poplar Ave Ste. 121 Downtown

These locations are open from 10am-7pm on Weekdays.)

Representative Brian Kelsey:

is running against Adrienne Pakis-Gillion, who, as you can see below, is not only applauding the ruling last week against LEGAL guns in restaurants, she is vowing to conduct a jihad against gun rights. For example, Ms. Pakis-Gillion vows to guarantee a safe working environment for violent criminals in area parks. The Memphis City Council agreed with her, and have already had shooting deaths in the "gun free zones" they declared... I guess the violent criminals either didn't see the signs, didn't care, or couldn't read them.

Ms. Pakis-Gillion goes on to misuse two shooting cases, that in # 1. Was NOT done by a Carry Permit Holder, but unfortunately, a Sheriff's Deputy, (aren't people like Ms. Pakis-Gillion always saying only the police need guns?) and # 2. A case that happened in a parking lot, not in a restaurant, and has not yet been adjudicated. In appears that in the world of Ms. Pakis-Gillion, gun owners are presumed guilty. Period.

Obviously, such a radical opponent of civil rights is unacceptable. Please encourage everyone in District 31 to make sure to vote and to support Brian.

In Liberty,

Pat McGarrity
Director - Shelby County TFA

Subj: Brian Kelsey's opponent.

"Guns in Restaurants with Alcohol Bill Fails Constitutional Test

The Associated Press is reporting that a Tennessee Court has ruled "a new law allowing handguns in Tennessee bars and restaurants is unconstitutional." They report that the judge agreed with plaintiffs, which included restaurant owners, that the law was "fraught with ambiguity." Tennessee Republican leaders who enacted the original law have pledged to reintroduce it and correct any vagueness.

"I am glad that the guns in restaurants with alcohol law has been struck down, but it is clear the proponents of this and similar legislation will try to get it back on the books as soon as the legislature reconvenes," stated Adrienne Pakis-Gillon, candidate for the State Senate, District 31.

"The voters of District 31 have a chance to stop these kinds of laws and return common sense to the legislature. This ruling gives the restaurant owners who have been troubled by this law a short reprieve. It also gives hope to parents, who knew this law never made sense, that something can be done about other legislation allowing guns in parks. I hope that voters will send me to Nashville to oppose this bill's re-enactment, and let me work for legislation that concerns issues like education and jobs that citizens really care about."

"My opponent led a misguided charge to debate and enact laws concerning guns in restaurants, parks, and other public places in the middle of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression," Pakis-Gillon continued. "These are laws that a statewide poll has shown a majority of Tennesseans oppose. I don't agree with allowing handguns in our parks where children play; I don't agree with allowing handguns where alcohol is being consumed. It just doesn't make any sense.""

Many restaurant owners and community members feel the law places an unfair burden for injuries and fatalities on restaurant owners by forcing them to allow handguns in their establishments. Even before the passage of this legislation, Shelby County saw two fatal incidents at restaurants serving alcohol: one outside the Villa Castrioti in February 2009 and one at the Wind Jammer in March of 2008.

Former State Representative Brian Kelsey, Pakis-Gillon's opponent in the District 31 race, lauded the bill's passage last summer, as described by the Commercial Appeal on May 9, 2009:

Kelsey celebrated passage of the bill with the assertion that it "will now allow law-abiding handgun-carry permit holders to feel safe when they go into restaurants like Chili's that happen to serve alcohol."

"This election is about a lot more than allowing guns and alcohol around our families," Pakis-Gillon continued, "but the voters of District 31 should understand that I will fight this type of legislation while my opponent endorses it and would fight for it. For me, this is fundamental. I will work against legislation that makes our community less safe for our children and our families."

If you need to locate your voting location or if you need a ride to the polls, call Adrienne's campaign at (901)-502-8366."
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