TN Gun Permits do not satisfy NICS exemption April 25, 2008

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TN Gun Permits do not satisfy NICS exemption April 25, 2008

Postby johnharris » Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:34 pm

Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc.
Legislative Action Committee


April 22 , 2008

ATTENTION: All Federal Firearms Licensees

This is to advise you that contrary to what many of your
customers are telling you, the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit does NOT
suffice for a TICS/NICS background check and customers possessing such
permit are still required to undergo the check. In the past, some
customers were accessing an inaccurate website and obtaining information
on Senate Bill 727 which, upon reading, seems to indicate a carry permit
would allow a purchaser to buy a firearm without undergoing the
TICS/NICS check.

This Senate bill did not pass, and was withdrawn from
consideration by its sponsor.

Tennessee*s Handgun Carry Permit law does not meet the
requirements of the federal Brady Bill because it lacks a requirement
for an annual re-check of the permit holder*s criminal history, and it
does not require a check of the person through the NICS Index. The NICS
Index databases, maintained by the FBI, contain additional prohibitors
that would preclude persons from being able to purchase/carry a firearm
that are not found in criminal history databases. Examples include
persons who have been dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Armed
Forces, adjudicated mentally deficient or committed involuntarily to a
mental institution, deported as a felon, illegally in the U.S., and
other reasons.

The Tennessee Department of Safety*s Handgun Carry Permit
Office only recently began doing NICS Index checks on permit holders,
but the law itself still does not require such checks to be done. There
are literally thousands of Tennessee permit holders who have never had
the NICS Index check done on them.

Until Tennessee law is amended to require carry permit holders
to undergo an annual re-check and for their name and other identifiers
to be searched through the NICS Index, it is unlikely the ATF will
change their ruling and accept the carry permit in lieu of a TICS/NICS
background check.

Douglas D. Woodlee
Tennessee Instant Check System
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
Nashville, TN
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