State of TN illegally declares David Sarti a "mental defecti

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State of TN illegally declares David Sarti a "mental defecti

Postby non_mental_defective » Thu Feb 23, 2012 7:01 pm

Does the state of Tennessee always violate it's own laws and procedures which are developed from it's own laws? David Sarti had a disagreement with a cardiologist, who did what good cardiologists do and jumped to the conclusion that Mr. Sarti was somehow a danger to himself. The police showed up at his home and illegally arrested him and put him on a three day hold at a psychiatric facility. Under the laws of TN, this does NOT make you a "mental defective." Mr. Sarti was never declared to be a "mental defective" by any judge. He was released after the illegal 3 day hold. Then David Sarti was informed by the state of TN that he was now a "mental defective" and his name was conveniently added to the semi secret NICS system (the system where you are semi secretly added, at the whims of bureaucrats, and where it costs you tens of thousands to have your name removed). Mr. Sarti wisely removed his firearms from his property out of fear of some "raid," despite the fact that he never threatened anyone, he was merely on one of government's pet "lists." Of course, the state of TN didn't hesitate to send Mr. Sarti a letter revoking his carry permit. David Sarti could not possibly be more in the right, but apparently in the state of TN, the bureaucrats can victimize you, take your rights, humiliate you, arrest you, all without any basis in law (for your protection of course). The utterly worthless governor refuses to help and do his job of course. Mr. Sarti is going through the paperwork hell of reclaiming his rights which were illegally taken, and every sign points to him succeeding, EVENTUALLY, but my heck, why on earth do you tolerate this in the state of Tennessee?

People subtly act like we're supposed to ignore David Sarti because he's "just" a fat redneck (something he calls himself frequently so it's ok to say). An nra attorney has pretended to help then backed away for some reason. Is this how we act when a fellow citizens rights are illegally stolen? We just look the other way and pretend it could never happen to us?

David Sarti has documented this abuse of his rights via youtube. Here is the most recent video detailing the progress of this mess the state of Tennessee has thrown upon him:
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Re: State of TN illegally declares David Sarti a "mental def

Postby Markus » Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:59 am

I fully support Sarti. It's the ridiculous spiteful doctor's fault. Taking things seriously under such circumstances would be/is ridiculous.
I had a Kidney stone last week truly. First one I ever had. I'm in my 30's a grown man and I was screaming...a man's screaming, but screaming nonetheless. Several times I yelled at them to just hit me in the jaw and knock me out. I was hitting things, I bent the steel rail on the side of the sleigh. I was writhing incoherently. I thank GOD I didn't say anything about killing myself or "just shoot me" ..etc... in my delirium...and it was truly that. I would have been endlessly questioned after my 4 hours of pure Hell(if you have never had one pray you never do it is worse than being shot) I have no doubt even with such a terrible pain that they know is one of the worst pains a man can ever have. I probably would have been put on a "list". I felt like saying that phrase too. If ever there was a time in my life I would say such a thing out of sheer pain it would have been last week with a damn 4mm kidney stone. Thankfully I didn't.
You have to be careful what you say with doctors even in jest...or anger. They say they are required by law(and they actually are) to report anything a patient says about committing suicide, but they know when it's just talk and when it's not unless they're complete dolts.

This is a case of a spiteful doctor causing more emotional pain and anguish with that spite...because he can. Just the fact that one can be put on a list for an offhand joking or angry remark, then have your rights revoked is also remarkably disgusting. This case like the other case with the provocateur cannot stand if one wishes to further Gun Rights in Tennessee.
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