Strategic Edge Gun Range, Chapel Hill, TN

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Strategic Edge Gun Range, Chapel Hill, TN

Postby JohnC76 » Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:45 pm

Just sharing this info here. This is the best range I think we have within a reasonable distance of Nashville. He has 100, 300, 500 and 1,000 yards now and is building a lot more, up to 1,250 yards. :)

As you know we are back open for memberships. We plan on taking 750 new General Members with the new range expansion. Sounds like a lot, but it will fill up fast. We will go ahead and take them at this time and will continue until it is filled.

The range expansion technically already started with the clearing of the woods a couple months back but the mail project will start around the second week of July and hopefully conclude around the second week of August. We will only close the range during that time during weekdays from 7 until 4:30 so our members can still shoot during the evenings and those closings will hopefully only be for a couple of weeks while they move the dirt. The rest of the time we will be building the buildings, benches and targets and the range can be open during those times.

Basically, we will have 2x the pistol bays, 3x the rifle benches, and 4x the rifle berms. We are doubling the size of the short range shooting building and adding and equal sized long range building. We will add a 40, 60, 80 & 100 meter rimfire silhouette range, another 100 berm, plus a 200, 600, 700, 800, 900, another 1000, and to top it off a 1250 yard berm.

There will be lots of new steel targets and we plan on installing a wifi camera system at 600 and 1000 so shooters can view their sighters on their phone or tablet or laptop.

We also will add a parking lot behind all the rifle stations plus we may just have a surprise or two we have not advertised.

One of my goals is to be able to have training and competitions while still be open for the members and this expansion will make that possible.

We are very excited! Nothing like it in this part of the country. We made a bunch of changes to our website so they can get info there (pricing and such) and our online payment portal for renewals just went up tonight.

Thanks for your help with this and glad to have you.

One-time payment options:
General Membership $150.00 (sales tax $13.88) total payment $163.88
Senior or Veteran $125.00 (sales tax $11.56) total payment $136.56
Long Distance Membership $75.00 (sales tax $6.94) total payment $81.94
Family Members (each) $25.00 (sales tax $2.31) total payment $27.31

Monthly payment options:
General Membership $19.99 monthly reoccurring (sales tax included)
Senior or Veteran $17.99 monthly reoccurring (sales tax included)
Long Distance Membership $9.99 monthly reoccurring (sales tax included)
Family Members (each) $3.99 monthly reoccurring (sales tax included)

For members who wish to take advantage of our new monthly billing, you must check the “reoccurring” box and agree to automatic billing, or we will not accept your payment. The By-Laws have been amended by the board of directors so please take the opportunity to download the amended version on our web site under the membership section.

Tony Shankle, CEO
Strategic Edge, Inc.
PO Box128
Chapel Hill, Tennessee 37034
615.599.9911 O
615.535.2720 F
615.948.3335 C
Strategic Edge
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