Shooting the New (for me) HK VP9

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Shooting the New (for me) HK VP9

Postby Fred762 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:38 pm

Harking back to a less PC age, a sweet German VolksPistole-9 was brought to our backyard range last week by a friend. He wanted me to try it and see how it did with his new "can"(legal of course). It is a poly frame, striker fired hi cap 9mm..yawwwwn you say? Not so fast!

The pistol was accurate, light recoiling and had decent stippling on the comfortable grips, wh also have adjustable backstraps.. The 3 dot white sights are also night sites..and they were even fairly easy to see with the 'can' screwed in place. I was a bit unimpressed w the can, as it was not near as quiet as the one on an olde SWD M11-9 smg I fired some years ago..but quite enuf so that we didn't need to use ear plugs. Sounded like firing a 22lr round and we were firing +P 9mm ball.
The mags hold 15 rds and were easy to load w/o a loader. NO feeding problems in about 100 rds. Nice gun, about the size of a Glock 19. Complaint? 1. the L sided take-down lever was stiff, tho admittedly easier to operate than a Glock!! ;-) 2. the thread end cap on the barrel is LEFT hand thread, for some odd reason...left hand threads on the barrel makes it slo to screw on for Americans not used to this item! It's just like driving on the left...not natural at all. Has a frame rail for a light or laser as well. Over all, decent gun.
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