CPH Shoots 2 Robbers/CA Takes Low Road Again

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CPH Shoots 2 Robbers/CA Takes Low Road Again

Postby Pat McGarrity » Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:48 pm

Thankfully, a lawfully armed citizen successfully defended himself from a pair of criminal predators this week. Even though the intended victim may be in danger of reprisal because the robbers could be gang members, Commercial Appeal anti-gun propagandist, Clay Bailey, felt it necessary to include that the intended victim works for a local gun range, in an otherwise fairly reported story.

The general tone of the Communist Appeal (http://www.communistappeal.com) is that their bigoted phobias are disturbed by lawful gun owners more than by criminal predators, like the ones in this story. If you are a gun owner, or support the right to own a gun, you should ask yourself if it is in your best interest to subsidize this anti-gun publication. That CA in your driveway wants to take your gun away.

In Liberty,

Pat McGarrity
Director - Shelby County TFA

"Listen, we got to take care of ourselves now. I mean who's going to protect us? I'm not saying we have to be trigger happy, but let's not be trigger sad either."

- Dennis Miller

http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/20 ... ahoo_feeds
Robbers pick wrong target; two shot, one killed by gun-toting victim

Two would-be robbers forgot to ask their victim a key question:

Do you have a gun and know how to use it?

The 21-year-old Bartlett man's answer might have prevented the two 16-year-olds from being shot.

Instead, an exchange of gunfire between the Bartlett man and the robbers Wednesday night left one teenager dead and the other wounded.

Alyssa Moore, a spokeswoman for Memphis police, said authorities have not released the names of the robber who was killed or the other teenager, who was in noncritical condition.

The robbery portion of the case is still under investigation and charges are pending. State prosecutor Thomas Henderson said Friday the office will not prosecute the potential robbery victim, saying his actions appear justified.

The man, who works for a local gun range, declined comment Friday. He asked that his name not be published because authorities told him the attempted robbery may be gang-related.

The shootout occurred about 10 p.m. Wednesday at the Edgewater Apartments east of Sycamore View and south of Raleigh-LaGrange.

According to Moore, one of the suspects fired at the man during an attempted robbery.

The victim, who was within 3 feet of one robber and about 10 from the other, fired five shots, four of them striking the would-be robbers.

According to the state Department of Public Safety, the potential victim is a licensed handgun permit holder.

-- Clay Bailey: 529-2393
Pat McGarrity
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Re: CPH Shoots 2 Robbers/CA Takes Low Road Again

Postby David Lewis » Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:50 pm

And of course, the Commercial...er, Communist Appeal, having published the list of Handgun Permit Holders, wants
to be sure there's enough information included to find the permit holder anyway...

David Lewis
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