Is Chattanooga paying for Paul Helmke to speak?

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Is Chattanooga paying for Paul Helmke to speak?

Postby 1gewehr » Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:14 am

With the Brady Campaign pretty much bankrupt, I doubt that they are spending their own money to send Paul Helmke to Chattanooga for this. So, if public funds are being spent to bring an ardent advocate of gun control, why aren't they also paying to bring someone to present the other side? If it's not public money, who IS spending the money? And why are they still only presenting one side. ... nging.html
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Re: Is Chattanooga paying for Paul Helmke to speak?

Postby SomeGuy » Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:05 am

It appears to be an event going on at UTC, not Chattanooga (though the mayor is an anti-gun drone), the place I am going to attend for my Masters. Even as a registered student there, I had not heard one word of this. I had seen UTC come out against letting anyone carry firearms on campus (big surprise). The student government coming out against was no surprise, though the circular logic of their resolution was humorous.

I expect this is being paid for by UTC, or my student fees. Not a huge surprise, though they did advertise this a lot less than when they had Ann Coulter come. The annoying double-standard however is that they had a speaker their to oppose Ann, no real mention of one for this loon.

What I would really like to see is Academia gutted of the leftist influence. I am so sick of having no choice but to go and spend thousands to get a better education and know my money is advancing left-wing beliefs, and then know that when I graduate I will pay more taxes that will go to help those same left-wingers. Two things the state government needs to do: Gut police of the active cops who spend time in uniform going to Nashville opposing our rights, and gut academia of the far left operators.
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