My letter to Lt Gov Ramsey

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My letter to Lt Gov Ramsey

Postby benburke » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:19 am

Dear Lt. Gov. Ramsey,

From I found this video of you: ... eeYLUSNMJw

People, both pro and con, are continuing to confuse a parking lot with property rights. Now, I submit to you; while I am not an attorney, I do believe I have enough common sense to understand that business property owners’ rights are NOT an absolute. Laws affecting business property rights are legislated day in and day out. Let any smoker go to a restaurant in Tennessee and see if the property owner can allow a smoker to light up.

Please use some Tennessee common sense! Do not confuse a parking lot with property rights! Common sense tells me the more places I can legally carry my handgun, the safer ALL Tennesseans will be.

Do not forget! A lot of businesses, i.e. Volkswagen, are given tax breaks that citizens do not enjoy. Listen to those who pay taxes!

Vote YES for SB-3002 as it is! And to our House members, vote YES for HB-3560.


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