List (or wiki) of gun-friendly parks?

List the park along with city or county in the title. If necessary, use multiple posts to list multiple parks if its not a city or county wide ban. Please provide backup support such as photos, letters, website links, news reports, etc. Please provide contact information when available.

List (or wiki) of gun-friendly parks?

Postby kscheib » Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:33 am

Does anyone know where I could find a concise list of cities/counties that do not allow guns in their local parks? With the recent "Guns in Parks" legislation, a patchwork of local "opt out" (or not) votes, and other local grandfather clauses, it's nearly impossible--and very confusing--to know in which cities/counties I can carry in parks and where I cannot. These forums are helpful, but each locale is a separate topic which isn't user-friendly. I haven't been able to find a simple list of the cities/counties that do not allow permitted carry in their parks. Perhaps someone more technologically savvy than I could create a wiki as a clearinghouse for this information, which could be "Sticky" on the TFAOnline Wiki section? There are already TFA Online wikis that list banned properties and gun-friendly and anti-gun restaurants. I'd like to see--or know where to find it if it already exists--the same thing for local parks. Thanks in advance for your insights.
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Re: List (or wiki) of gun-friendly parks?

Postby johnharris » Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:38 pm

It is presently very hard to get confirmed data pulled together but it is a project we are interested in pursuing.
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Re: List (or wiki) of gun-friendly parks?

Postby rheppert » Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:34 pm

I'm sure everyone would like such a list, why don't YOU take on the project?

Let's see- Start with a grid of some 95 counties then add ALL the cities, townships. Then add all the KNOWN Yeahs or Neighs. Then put probable Yeahs for the ones we haven't heard from. Of course any government can change their mind at any point.

Better yet, lets hope the proposal to negate the (stupid) opt-out option will finally carry and we will have one law statewide!
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