Brentwood Tennessee Parks posted

List the park along with city or county in the title. If necessary, use multiple posts to list multiple parks if its not a city or county wide ban. Please provide backup support such as photos, letters, website links, news reports, etc. Please provide contact information when available.

Brentwood Tennessee Parks posted

Postby kwikrnu » Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:24 pm

They went wild with their signs, which I think is nice. There is no mistaking that the City of Brentwood doesn't want anyone with a gun on their park property.

Crocket Park

Tower Park

Riverside Park

Granny White Park

Deerwood Park

Concord Park, where the library is located is not posted. There are however two small (not required size) signs near the entrances of two of the walking paths.

Brentwood ordinance
Sec. 42-161. Weapons and firearms generally.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to carry in any manner whatever, with the intent to go armed, any razor, dirk knife, blackjack, brass knucks, pistol, revolver or any other dangerous weapon or instrument.

They do not make any exceptions for someone who is authorized or entitled to carry. I'm pretty sure their law goes back to at least 1977.

It seems to me since their law is older than 1986 that TCA 39-17-1314 allows them to prohibit weapons.

I wasn't able to find a Brentwood resolution prohibiting carry in parks, but most of their parks are posted. I found two which were not. So, I'm not even sure if I can carry there.
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Re: Brentwood Tennessee Parks posted

Postby macville » Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:24 am

What's really funny is that the sign they post makes ANYONE carrying ANY knife (this includes a small pocket, plastic, metal nail file, etc) subject to the same penalty as carrying a firearm. Yep, according to the law with the sign they posted is the same crime and penalty to carry any knife as to carry a handgun. So probably about 75% of the people visiting these posted parks are breaking the law.

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