Wildlife Land Trust Not to Be Trusted

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Wildlife Land Trust Not to Be Trusted

Postby Tim Nunan » Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:43 pm

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Wildlife Land Trust Not to Be Trusted


If you have never heard of the Wildlife Land Trust, now could be a good
time to take note. This project is a subsidiary of the Humane Society of
the United States (HSUS), the country’s largest animal rights group.
This anti-hunting trust reported control or ownership of more than 100
“sanctuaries” in 38 states.

Hunting and trapping are prohibited on these sites, many of which are
donated to the HSUS. In fact, they boast that “recreational and
commercial hunting and trapping will always be prohibited”.

Unfortunately, they garnered $5 million in donations last year alone for
this trust.

Additional details, in case you want to determine if these anti-hunting
properties are located near you, can be found at: www.wlt.org. And in
true HSUS fashion, you’ll spot a donation link if you go there.
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