Diamondback DB380

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Diamondback DB380

Postby TNReb » Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:23 pm

I recently bought the new DB380 (aka "baby glock") and wanted to relate my experience. The first time I took it to the range, it was awful. Although the gun was a joy to shoot, it could not get through one mag in 125 rounds without a jam, ftf, fte, or dropping the mag. I called the company and they sent me an email with a prepaid UPS next day air label.
I sent the gun on 2/9 and they received it on 2/10. They sent it back to me on 2/11 by priority mail (USPS) and I got it back on 2/16, along with a copy of the repair memo showing they had replaced the slide and the mag latch and fired 18 rounds through it. All this didn't cost me one penny.
Well, I took it to the range yesterday and it worked like a champ. 100 rounds through it and it never gave me any problem. It is much better than my son's P3AT (which is a great gun also) as it is much more comfortable to shoot and very accurate with the glock-type sights. The holsters for the P3AT fit it perfectly and I am carrying it in my pocket (with Nemesis holster) or on my hip IWB (with Galco Pop-Up holster) and I literally forget it's there.
In short, I LOVE this gun. I know we tend to think because we bought it, it has to be great, but this one really is. And I cannot say enough good about the company's customer service. The gun and the company are both top notch!
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