Jimmy Naifeh

→ Posted on Jul 18, 2008 - 12:08 AM

The Tennessee Republican Party highlight’s TFA’s work on Jimmy Naifeh in July 9, 2008, press release ...


NASHVILLE, TN - Public records show that Tennessee House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh lied in order to give himself political cover for his attack gun rights legislation during the last legislative session….

TFA wishes to thank Robin Smith and the TN GOP for helping bring the true facts to the public’s attention concerning the circumstances of Jimmy Naifeh’s actions.

Here are archived video clips highlighting Jimmy Naifeh in action:
http://www.tfaonline.org/downloads/session042705.mpeg  - video of House Session on 4/27/05 where Rep. Chris Newton (R. and Naifeh supporter at the time) was asking on the full floor, presumably at the direction of Jimmy Naifeh or his shadow operatives, that the restaurant gun bill which his subcommittee had recently approved be sent back to subcommittee and Naifeh’s ruling on that request being challenged by Rep. Hargett.
http://www.tfaonline.org/downloads/session042805.wmv - video of House session on 4/28/05 when Rep. Casada (R.) and Naifeh were debating procedure on events of 4/27/05 - extensive talk by Naifeh about why it was appropriate to send the bill back to subcommittee.
http://www.tfaonline.org/downloads/session052505.wmv - video of House session on 5/22/05 where Naifeh comes down from his traditional station and speaks persistently against the gun bills and calls the NRA lobbyist Darren LaSorte - “that guy” at about 22 minutes in when Naifeh speaks about “threats” to him and other legislators from the NRA.
http://www.tfaonline.org/downloads/wsmv050305.wmv  News Channel 5 reports concerning Naifeh and Todd relative to restaurant bills from May 3, 2005.

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