Week of May 11 in Tennessee Senate

→ Posted on May 09, 2009 - 10:19 AM

The Tennessee Senate should take up the restaurant carry bill on May 11, 2009.  That bill (HB0962) has already passed in the House as of May 7, 2009.  It has not passed in the Senate yet but is expected to.  If and when it passes in the Senate, it will then be sent to the governor.  The governor could veto the bill and if so, we start over.  If the governor signs the bill or it otherwise becomes law, it would still not go in effect until June 1, 2009.

However, we are aware that some have misunderstood that the House’s actions on May 7, 2009, by passing the bill had the effect of changing the law.  It has not and cannot with Senate action and action by the governor.